Women of Iceland

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Iceland has been ranked #1 in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index for the tenth year in a row. What is the secret to Iceland’s success? What can the world learn from the Women of Iceland?

"Daughters of Fire & Ice: Women of Iceland" is a book of intimate photography and interviews revealing the power, courage, and vulnerability of Women of Iceland--as pioneers from the Viking era to a new tomorrow.

Link: www.ralphreutimann.com/women-of-iceland

Quentin Cooks

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Website (1): www.cwmag.com/quentin-cooks

Website (2): www.insidecdcr.ca.gov/2018/11/food-heaven-at-san-quentin

Quentin Cooks is a volunteer run professional development program for inmates of San Quentin State Prison who are nearing release. The program is unlike other prison culinary instruction programs that train inmates for food service positions, as it is designed to prepare students for food entrepreneurship opportunities, and executive careers in the culinary industry.



Website: www.indaba-foundation.org

Indaba Foundation empowers the most vulnerable children in the South African Winelands through transformative education. Indaba invests in young children’s capacity to develop and learn by providing world-class, internationally recognized, and accredited Montessori teacher training, learning materials, and educational infrastructure--helping improve their chances for a successful adulthood 

Lava Mae

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Website: www.lavamae.org

Lava Mae brings radical hospitality to the streets by bringing humanity, innovation and collaboration to the way services are delivered to people experiencing homelessness. More specifically, Trevor TCR is funding a creative initiative called 'Coming Home,' an immersive augmented reality + audio experience connecting San Franciscans across the housing divide. 

Found Sound Nation

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Website: www.foundsoundnation.org

Found Sound Nation (FSN) is a creative agency that uses music-making to connect people across cultural divides. We believe that collaborative music creation is a deeply effective way to become aware of the beauty, trauma, and hidden potential in our communities. Our process gives voice to the underrepresented, unlocks the creative potential of youth, and supports movements for social justice.

FSN programs are ongoing programs that explore music's special power to tie together disparate communities, retrace our common histories, affirm our common humanity, and reimagine a world based on the principles of collaboration, empathy, and creativity.

The Bread Project


Website: www.breadproject.org

The Bread Project leverages the power of social enterprise with training, job placement assistance and support services to help fight poverty.  Their award-winning Bakery Boot Camp has consistently delivered industry leading outcomes. Since 2000, they have changed the trajectory of the lives of over 1,800 low income individuals with high barriers to employment; putting them on a path toward economic opportunity and living wage.

Jungle Mamas

Website: pachamama.org/advocacy/jungle-mamas

The Jungle Mamas program is designed to eliminate all preventable deaths in pregnancy and childbirth of Achuar mothers and babies, and to improve community health by empowering Achuar women and communities with the tools needed to be their own agents of change.

Since 2006, the Jungle Mamas program has been working in collaboration with the Achuar Nation of Ecuador to develop a model of addressing maternal, infant, and community health in a way that is culturally appropriate, empowering, and sustainable.

America Scores Bay Area


Website: www.americascores.org/affiliates/bay-area

America Scores provides kids with meaningful opportunities to develop leadership skills through civic engagement, leadership, and public speaking while increasing physical fitness.

SCORES’ soccer and literary arts activities at local schools and community-based agencies, combined with weekly soccer and fitness activities that involve traveling through inner city neighborhoods on foot, have helped create a community and connectedness for children and families, while addressing some of the root causes behind low youth physical fitness levels and isolation.

New York City Outward Bound Schools

Website: www.nycoutwardbound.org

Founded in 1987, NYC Outward Bound Schools is the first independent urban Outward Bound Center in the United States. The term "outward bound" is nautical, describing the moment a ship leaves the safety of harbor and its crew commits to the challenges of an ocean journey. Outward Bound programs—in schools, the wilderness or other settings—are based on the belief that both youth and adults learn and grow when they leave the safety of everyday experiences and challenge themselves in new ways.

New York City Outward Bound Schools’ educational approach challenges and supports students to do their best work, injects elements of adventure and discovery into schooling, grounds academic content in real-world issues and concerns, promotes teamwork as well as individual initiative, and places character and intellectual development on equal footing.

Past Grantees:

Access Institute

Website: accessinst.org

Access Institute is all about accessibility. They offer psychological services to those who want and need psychological support, but aren’t able to access it for any number of reasons including: income, cultural barriers, stigma around mental health, and lack of mobility.

Their mission is to serve those in the San Francisco community who have fallen through the cracks. In addition, they help them develop healthier behaviors and relationships so they may thrive.

They provide clinical internship training to the next generation of therapists who believe that everyone matters and deserves high-quality care.

Seven Tepees

Website: 7tepees.org

Seven Tepees Youth Program positively impacts the lives of inner-city youth. Students are with us from 6th grade through high school graduation and beyond, an impressive long term investment in their future.

At Seven Tepees, youth learn and practice the academic and social competencies necessary to be successful in the 21st century. A cornerstone of our work is connection to the natural environment. 

Zen Hospice Project

Website: zenhospice.org

Zen Hospice Project has served the San Francisco Bay Area community through compassionate and contemplative caregiving for the terminally ill, both at their Guest House on Page St and at San Francisco’s Laguna Honda Hospital. In addition to serving those with serious illness, the organization has trained thousands of professional and family caregivers in mindful caregiving - Zen Hospice Project’s unique human-centered approach. Known as Mindful Caregiver Education, this curriculum educates, enables, and empowers caregivers to build resilience and reduce burnout, thereby helping them take better care of others.  At their Guest House, at Laguna Honda Hospital, and through the Mindful Caregiver Education program, Zen Hospice Project embarks on its 30th year as a leader in the movement to change the experience of dying and caregiving in America.

Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Center

Website: prrcsf.org 

The Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Center vision is to create a stronger community demonstrating opportunities and respect, embracing diversity, and inspiring people with disabilities to live a full life. Their mission is to provide recreational, vocational and educational opportunities for people with disabilities through programs and services that encourage self-expression, promote personal achievement, and lead to greater independence. 

Center facilities include a therapeutic swimming pool, gymnasium, adaptive computer lab, full kitchen, playground, theater with stage, and a community garden with a greenhouse. The Center also provides employment training and job placement for individuals with disabilities and works in cooperation with St. Mary's Hospital of San Francisco to serve people who have experienced traumatic brain injury. The Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabiliation Centers mission extends beyond San Francisco to include programs and services in San Mateo County.

The San Francisco Film Society

Website: sffs.org 

The San Francisco Film Society champions the world's finest films and filmmakers through programs anchored in and inspired by the spirit and values of the San Francisco Bay Area. Building on a legacy of more than 50 years of bringing the best in world cinema to the Bay Area, the San Francisco Film Society is a national leader in exhibition, education and filmmaker services.

The crown jewel of the Film Society's exhibition program is the San Francisco International Film Festival (April 21-May 5, 2016), the longest-running film festival in the Americas and a beloved showcase of cinematic discovery. Last year's Festival featured 252 screenings of 183 films from 47 countries, which were attended by over 315 filmmakers and industry guests from around the globe. 

The SFFS Education department offers year-round media literacy programs to over 10,000 K-12 students, develops college and university programs to help students transition into the professional filmmaking arena and connects international filmmakers with local institutions of learning through a prestigious Artist in Residence program.